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Area archeologica di Nervia
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Area archeologica di Nervia

Ventimiglia, Italy


Area archeologica di Nervia

Ventimiglia, Italy

The Area

The archaeological area in Nervia preserves the remains of the Roman city of "Albintimilium", a maritime and agricultural center built in late Republican age along the Via Julia Augusta, on the remains of a primitive Ligurian culture called "Albium Intemelium" and considered in Augustan organization as the last administratively Italian city. It preserves traces of the ancient walls, roads and some public and private monuments.
In particular, you can visit the remains of the Baths and the Theater, dated between the 2nd and 3rd centuries. d.C, which is the best preserved example of this type of public building in Liguria and one of the most notable in all of Northern Italy.
In the Antiquarium, in support of the visit, there is a rich selection of artefacts found after the excavations conducted since the end of the nineteenth century and partly still in progress. The exhibition is divided into sections that describe the different monuments and aspects of the material culture of the inhabitants of "Albintimilium" (Theater, Spa, toilets, daily life, the world of the dead, the economy and trade).

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Polo Museale della Liguria
Area archeologica di Nervia

Corso Genova, 20 (Archeologica)
18039, Ventimiglia

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