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Museo Archeologico di Chiavari
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Museo Archeologico di Chiavari

Chiavari, Italy


Museo Archeologico di Chiavari

Chiavari, Italy

Palazzo Rocca

The museum preserves the archaeological evidence of a monumental burial site dating back to the early Iron Age.
The archaeological investigations carried out in the mid-twentieth century led to the discovery of an "incineration" necropolis divided into three sectors, in which 92 enclosures, both circular and rectangular, enclosed the so-called "cassette tombs" that sometimes contained a burial single, other times double and in exceptional cases multiple. The 126 cassette tombs contained the cinerary urns with numerous different and emblematic items of equipment according to gender and social role. In particular, the women's kits are characterized by the presence of rich ornaments and items of bronze, gold and silver clothing: bracelets, rings, brooches, earrings, belts and studs; the male burials contain numerous iron weapons.
The monumentality of the burial ground and the wealth of the coffers of the necropolis indicate that Chiavari had to live a thriving community and dedicated to maritime and land trades.

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Direzione Regionale Musei Liguria
Museo Archeologico di Chiavari

Via Costaguta, 4
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