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Museo Archeologico di Metauros
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Museo Archeologico di Metauros

Gioia Tauro, Italy


Museo Archeologico di Metauros

Gioia Tauro, Italy

Archeological Museum of Metauros

The Mètauros Archaeological Museum is located in Palazzo Baldari, an eighteenth-century building located in the historic center of Gioia Tauro (RC), in the “Pian delle Fosse” district. Symbol of the city, Palazzo Baldari still preserves the memory of the history of the center of Reggio, witnessing and preserving memories of illustrious presences and important events: Giuseppe Garibaldi stayed in its rooms on his return from Sicily following the expedition of the Thousand. The building with its architecture represents a living testimony of the growing building activity that, starting from the second half of the eighteenth century, affects the historic center and in particular the Pian delle Fosse district, constituting a complex of considerable artistic and historical interest. Palazzo Baldari also houses the Municipal Library. The ground floor of the building is used as a permanent exhibition and illustrates, with a wealth of finds, the history of the territorial area of ​​Gioia Tauro, thanks to the many discoveries made during the excavation campaigns carried out since the last century. The intense urbanization of the natural terrace of Piano delle Fosse, seat of the ancient town, did not allow in-depth investigations, while it was possible to excavate the coastal strip in extension which has returned a necropolis attributable to chronological phases between the seventh and sixth century BC; the rich kits attesting to the close ties of Mètauros with the Sicilian colonial centers of Mylae and Zancle, now Messina, and the Chalcidian colony of Rhegion, as well as documenting commercial contacts with the Mediterranean area. The exhibition itinerary, which also documents indigenous productions with impasto vases, starts from the Greek age, from the foundation of the emporium of Mètauros by Zancle, to pass from the Roman age to the medieval phase. Various types of figured pottery of Attic, Chalcidian and Corinthian production (VII-V century BC), of transport containers, such as the Etruscan and SOS type amphorae that widely document the insertion of Mètauros in the commercial circuits of the world Mediterranean.
A space is reserved for funerary finds from the Roman age (II-III century AD) when the city begins to be inhabited again, after being abandoned in the Classical and Hellenistic periods. Among the tableware on display there are refined glass vases decorated with applied motifs, which can be classified as imports from the Mediterranean area, confirming the commercial vocation of Mètauros even in Roman times. The medieval age is evidenced by ceramic materials from a throw area located between the remains of the so-called "Norman" square tower and the surrounding walls, in the northernmost part of the Piano delle Fosse. Finally, in the museum inside the exhibition spaces, you can see the remains of the surrounding walls erected in the thirteenth century in reason and as evidence of the control of the "Piana delle Saline".

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Museo Archeologico di Metauros

Via Roma
89013, Gioia Tauro

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