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Biblioteca Estense
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Biblioteca Estense

Modena, Italy


Biblioteca Estense

Modena, Italy

The Biblioteca Estense

The Biblioteca Estense Universitaria comprises of the dynastic library of the Este family which dates to the 14th century. It was under the auspices of Niccolò III that an important humanistic library took shape, containing works of high literary, artistic, and historical merit. Thanks to the refined and attentive collecting practices of the Dukes of Este, the library continued to grow over the course of the Renaissance with the addition of precious manuscripts and critical editions of printed volumes. In 1598 the library moved to Modena alongside the dynastic transfer of power from Ferrara to the new capital. In the following centuries, the Biblioteca Estense continued to enrich its holdings of both local and international materials, including the holdings from the suppression of religious orders in Italy and from the bequests of celebrated librarians such as Ludovico Antonio Muratori and Girolamo Tiraboschi. After the unification of Italy, the Biblioteca Estense merged with the Biblioteca Universitaria, which brought with it an important collection of philosophica, legal and scientific texts. Thus the Biblioteca Estense Universtaria was born, today standing as a modern institution of international acclaim.

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Gallerie Estensi
Biblioteca Estense

Largo Porta Sant'Agostino, 337
41121, Modena

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