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Castello di Civitacampomarano
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Castello di Civitacampomarano

Civitacampomarano, Italy


Castello di Civitacampomarano

Civitacampomarano, Italy


Civitacampomarano appears as one of the most evocative castles in the region. The monument preserves the integrity of its architecture, despite the passing of history. Whichever way you look at it, the building amazes you with its size and architectural audacity. The main entrance was built with a staircase and an entrance portal with a lowered arch, typical of the Catalan-Aragonese style of the fifteenth century. Above the keystone there are two coats of arms: the upper one is from the Carafa della Spina family; the lower one is by Paolo di Sangro. Above the arch we can still see rectangular joints that served to slide the chains of the drawbridge, no longer preserved today. In the inner courtyard the graceful fountain c.d. "Sannita" formed by a sculpture with four anthropomorphic figures, placed here by the last owners in modern times. An open staircase leads to the first floor where the noble rooms and the service areas are located, which partly maintain the pictorial decoration. In the lower floors there were the stables, the warehouses, the granary; from here you had access to the towers and the battlements. Under the main tower an internal staircase led to the moat and prisons. Over the centuries the monument of the moat, the collapse of part of the northern side, the changes to the interior spaces; nevertheless it preserves its charm of "ancient giant" in perfect harmony with the historic center and the surrounding landscape.

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Castello di Civitacampomarano

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