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Castello Bufalini
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Castello Bufalini

San Giustino, Italy


Castello Bufalini

San Giustino, Italy

The Castle

Conceived as a military garrison, the building, in the first half of the sixteenth century, took on the appearance of a noble residence with a large garden, of which furnishings, paintings, majolica, various busts from the Roman era and the entire archive of the Bufalini family. The vaults of the rooms host the paintings by Cristofano Gherardi, a Tuscan artist of mannerist formation who, between 1542 and 1552, reproduced mythological fables and grotesque decorations in the main tower, in the Sala degli Dei and in the Apollo Room. The Castle has hosted events (including the Living Nativity), conferences (including the one about Francesca Turini Bufalini), fairs (such as Sapori e mestieri), book presentations, educational activities also in relation to the school-work alternation.

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Castello Bufalini

Largo Crociani, 3
06016, San Giustino

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