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Castello Svevo di Trani
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Castello Svevo di Trani

Trani, Italy


Castello Svevo di Trani

Trani, Italy

The Castle Svevo Trani

The Castle of Trani is one of the most interesting and marvellous fortified buildings in Apulia. The Castle of Trani is one of the most important fortified buildings erected by Emperor Frederick II of Svevia to protect his beloved Kingdom of Sicily, inherited by his mother, Norman princess Costanza of Altavilla. Its foundation, on a rocky bench of appreciably lowered level with respect to the land, and probably isolated from its origin, resulted in the destruction of a modest observation outpost, a small guard tower dating to the X – XI centuries, found under the plane Of the current entrance. An important building on the Puglia coast of the Federico Castello system, in the 13th century, the most modern in Europe, is located a short distance from the famous cathedral, strategically located in the center of a work, whose shallow backdrops would always have been an excellent natural defense, Both from the fury of the waves and from possible attacks on the northern front. On the model of the crusader castles of the Holy Land, in turn, the debtors of the Castra Romani, he had a simple and functional quadrangular structure, reinforced at the tops by four square towers of equal height, outer truss outline, an anthemuric wall of walking path, equipped with Freckles and merlot-that delimits three courtyards on the east, south and west faces, moistened water flooded by the sea.

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Castello Svevo di Trani

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