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Castello di Capua
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Castello di Capua

Gambatesa, Italy


Castello di Capua

Gambatesa, Italy

Castello di Capua

In the thirteenth century at the border between Molise and Puglia, between gentle hills and imposing rivers, Riccardo da Pietravalle became the lord of a place that will take its name from a famous physical defect: "Gambatesa". In the heart of the ancient village of Gambatesa, characterized by narrow streets and panoramic alleys, stands an imposing castle, once a military fortress, then transformed, in the 16th century, into an elegant stately home by the Di Capua family.
The Castle of Capua preserves inside a rich cycle of complete and well-preserved frescoes, executed by Donato Decumbertino, an artist who probably worked in the Vasari area, in the year 1550. In the halls of the noble floor, representations of historical events and mythological stories intertwine with an acute symbolism; allegories and metaphors chase each other and are connected in contiguity in the different rooms of the manor. These paintings are to be counted among the most important and complete of the Kingdom of Naples in the sixteenth century.
On the second floor, a large hall with a monumental fireplace opens onto the rooms that now house works from the Eliseo collection. On the ground floor there is a conference room open to local activities.

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Castello di Capua

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