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Cefalù, Italy


Museo Mandralisca

Cefalù, Italy

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Iris Band - Cefalù

04/09/2020 - 02/10/2020

Iris Band
Morgentau and Abendrot

Morgentau und Abendrot in Cefalú 2020, this is the title of the exhibition by the German artist Iris Band, coming from Halle (Saxony Anhalt), which the Mandralis...

Scoprici, Antonello da Messina. - Cefalù

08/06/2019 - 26/11/2019

Scoprici, Antonello da Messina.
Due ritratti per Cefalù.

Saturday, June 8th, at the Mandralisca Museum in Cefalù, the exhibition "Scoprici, Antonello da Messina. Two portraits for Cefalù", curated by Prof. Giovanni ...


10/03/2019 - 31/10/2019

Giorgio Vasari Pittore

The exhibition is part of the celebrations for the 110th Anniversary of the birth of Enrico Pirajno of Mandralisca (1809 - 2019).
The exhibition is the result of an important collaboration be...

Cenere. - Cefalù

28/12/2018 - 24/01/2019

Regalami un sorriso

Curated by Andrea Guastalla
What does it have in common "Regalami un sorriso", Drupi's song, with penitential ash? At a first glance, nothing. Cenere is in fact a violent J'accuse ag...

Il canto del solo - Cefalù

21/12/2018 - 21/12/2018

Il canto del solo

Friday 21 December at 6.30 pm, at the Mandralisca Museum in Cefalù, on stage "Il canto del solo" with the creative sounds created by the clarinetist and composer Giovanni Mattaliano, jazz cl...

Domenico Zora. ZORA - Cefalù

06/04/2018 - 31/10/2018

Domenico Zora. ZORA

The personal exhibition in Cefalù by Domenico ZORA develops between the Octagon of Santa Caterina and the Mandralisca Museum: a path that once again binds two poles that, in recent years, re...

Benedetto Poma. - Cefalù

20/09/2018 - 23/10/2018

Benedetto Poma.
A Kingdom in the sun

Benedetto Poma presents "A Kingdom in the Sun - A Kingdom in the sun." The exhibition is the historical-cultural journey that goes from Roger II of Altavilla to Frederick II of Swabia: a contempora...

Opera dei Pupi at the Museum. - Cefalù

20/07/2018 - 31/08/2018

Opera dei Pupi at the Museum.
The adventurous exploits of the paladins of France against the Moors of Spain

A festival that aims to rediscover and revalue the roots and history of the Sicilian people, a way to expand the cultural offer of the Museum and to rediscover a material and immaterial heritage al...