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Fondazione Bonotto
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Fondazione Bonotto

Colceresa, Italy


Fondazione Bonotto

Colceresa, Italy

Fondazione Bonotto

FONDAZIONE BONOTTO was created to promote the LUIGI BONOTTO COLLECTION which from the early seventies to today has collected numerous testimonies including works, audio documentation, videos, posters, books, magazines and editions of Fluxus artists and international verbal-visual researches developed from the end from the 1950s.
FONDAZIONE BONOTTO aims to promote and develop at an international level a new reasoning between art, business and contemporary culture, the three pillars on which the life, activity and success of Luigi Bonotto, its creator and supporter, developed.
Its main objectives are:
to disseminate the Fluxus action and Concrete, Visual and Sound Poetry through exhibitions, loans, collaborations with museums, foundations, archives, trade fairs and sector events, to tell the objects and the history of the Collection, so deeply intertwined with the history of its founder Luigi Bonotto; promote contemporary intellectual and artistic activities and works, commissioning installations by artists and programs for curators; organize exhibitions, seminars and conferences with young artists and curators, who from time to time enter into dialogue with the artists and investigate the material in the Collection; conducting workshops on the theme of the Collection related to the world of art, business and fashion. Organize Fluxus and Concrete, Visual and Sound Poetry concerts, independent art cinema shows and cycles of internal and external projections by young filmmakers; support studies related to the history and criticism of contemporary art, with masters in contemporary art and artistic techniques, partnerships with universities, residency programs for young artists and curators who can keep alive the entrepreneur-artist relationship that has characterized the league - me between Luigi Bonotto and the artists Fluxus and Concrete, Visual and Sound Poetry; develop the relationship between the world of artisanal and industrial production and the art system, both fueled by the same creativity, both central to the life of Luigi Bonotto; take care of the publication of magazines, books, online and offline material, artist books, runs and special editions.
FONDAZIONE BONOTTO has digitized the entire Luigi Bonotto collection: works, editions, documents, audio, video, etc. making it freely available on its website: Over 16,000 documents cataloged for more than 60 hours of navigation with about 2,500 audio and video files.

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Fondazione Bonotto

Via Louvigny, 41
36064, Colceresa

Opening hours

    MON: Closed

    TUE: 10:30 - 18:00 

    WEN: 10:30 - 18:00

    THU: 10:30 - 18:00

    FRY: 10:30 - 18:00

    SAT: 10:30 - 18:00

    SUN: Closed

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