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Fortezza Firmafede
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Fortezza Firmafede

Sarzana, Italy


Fortezza Firmafede

Sarzana, Italy

The Fortress

The Firmafede fortress, also known as Cittadella, is an imposing defensive structure on the edge of the city walls inside the historic center of Sarzana.
During the fifteenth century the city became an important strategic point when Lorenzo il Magnifico decided to turn the village into a military stronghold of the Florentine lordship. The pre-existing fortification, built by the Pisans in the 13th century, is completely destroyed and rebuilt. In 1496 the fortress passed to the Banco di San Giorgio and from 1562 to the Republic of Genoa, remaining until 1797. In the nineteenth century, with the annexation of the Republic to the Kingdom of Savoy and with radical changes in the defensive strategies, the fortress was used before as a police station and later as a prison until the seventies of the twentieth century.
Today the fortress, completely restored, hosts exhibition spaces, festivals and cultural events. From 2016 its spaces also host the Museum of Fortresses (MudeF) which, through an interactive and multimedia path, tells the history and characteristics of the Lunigiana through its fortresses, customs and customs, inserting them in their living and historical context.

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Direzione Regionale Musei Liguria
Fortezza Firmafede

Via Cittadella (fortezza)
19038, Sarzana

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