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MAC - Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Lissone
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MAC - Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Lissone

Lissone, Italy


MAC - Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Lissone

Lissone, Italy

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Maurizio Donzelli - Lissone

13/06/2020 - 27/09/2020

Maurizio Donzelli

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Lissone and the Cortesi Gallery are pleased to announce the personal exhibition of Maurizio Donzelli...

Alexis Harding - Lissone

27/06/2020 - 27/09/2020

Alexis Harding
Skin Deep

On the occasion of the 2018 Lissone Prize, the Jury formed by Marco Meneguzzo, Demetrio Paparoni and Alberto Zanchetta had awarded the "MAC Prize" to Alexis Harding, an...

Sean Shanahan - Lissone

20/06/2020 - 27/09/2020

Sean Shanahan
Singular Episodic

If asked about his painting, most likely Sean Shanahan would resort to the following aphorism: «I am in an infinite ocean of color. I have the ocean all around an...

Lissone Design Prize - Lissone

07/12/2019 - 15/03/2020

Lissone Design Prize

In line with the evolution of recent years, the Lissone Design Award 2019 reconfirms the direct invitation formula and supports the prize section with a rich program of themed exhi...

David Cronenberg. Red cars - Lissone

05/09/2019 - 24/11/2019

David Cronenberg. Red cars

The exhibition traces in 200 images the plates of the artist's book created by director David Cronenberg in 2005 for Volumina.
In these tables we find rare ph...

ATRII / Mubilia. - Lissone

28/09/2019 - 24/11/2019

ATRII / Mubilia.
Chiara Campanile, Gianni Moretti, Alice Pedroletti, Cristiano Tassinari

Starting from the architecture of the atrium of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Lissone, and taking into account the variations made to the previous projects of the building, the ATRII Collective...

On the Fingers of Identity. - Lissone

28/09/2019 - 24/11/2019

On the Fingers of Identity.
Contemporary video art from Han Nefkens Foundation

"At the Fingers of Identity, Contemporary Videoart from the Han Nefkens Foundation" presents works that address the theme of intercultural identity. Fifteen artists from different ...

Max Marra. Noi e gli altri - Lissone

07/09/2019 - 22/09/2019

Max Marra. Noi e gli altri

The "others", explains Max Marra, are always us. Presented for the first time at the Lissone Museum, the homonymous box contains 28 mixed techniques on paper, with...

Giuseppe Monguzzi. - Lissone

07/09/2019 - 22/09/2019

Giuseppe Monguzzi.
Segrete Passioni

Giuseppe Monguzzi grew up keeping in mind and in his eyes the paintings of the historic Premio Lissone. At only twenty-two he gets the privilege of participating i...

Effemeridi del Giardino. - Lissone

04/05/2019 - 21/07/2019

Effemeridi del Giardino.
Andrea Fogli

The exhibition Effemeridi del Giardino collects the main series of works that Andrea Fogli (Rome, 1959) has created since 2002, drawing inspiration from n...

Luca Serra. Mentre nessuno guarda. - Lissone

04/05/2019 - 21/07/2019

Luca Serra. Mentre nessuno guarda.

Nelle opere di Luca Serra non vediamo mai il gesto generativo, primario e fondativo, ma soltanto il suo sudario, una forma "accolta" come un dono inaspettato.

HOCUS POCUS. - Lissone

04/05/2019 - 21/07/2019

Vincent Beaurin, Oren Pinhassi, Felix Schramm, Marco Tirelli

Quattro artisti contemporanei si confrontano intorno al tema della sparizione/riapparizione dell'oggetto e dell'attraversamento delle superfici.
Il momento storico i...

Minime dinamiche di mimetizzazione. - Lissone

04/05/2019 - 21/07/2019

Minime dinamiche di mimetizzazione.
Luca Moscariello

Alla prima mostra personale presso un'istituzione pubblica italiana, Luca Moscariello (San Giovanni in Persiceto - Bologna, 1980) mette a fuoco gli aspetti principali del...

Wolfram Ullrich. Reliefs - Lissone

23/02/2019 - 21/04/2019

Wolfram Ullrich. Reliefs

After the recent anthology dedicated to him by the Museo Marca di Catanzaro, Wolfram Ullrich is at his second solo exhibition in an Italian public institution. For...

Come il casco per i kamikaze - Lissone

23/02/2019 - 21/04/2019

Come il casco per i kamikaze

Curated by Davide Crippa and Alberto Zanchetta
Together with the enrichment of the new collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lissone, the exhibition Come il casco ...

Simone Bergantini - Lissone

23/02/2019 - 21/04/2019

Simone Bergantini
The golden path

Adam Phillips said well: prolonged applause risks becoming disquieting. No less worrisome is the "prize fury" to which no one can escape; that healthy agonism, that desire to excel through self-den...

Look at the moon, not the finger. - Lissone

23/02/2019 - 21/04/2019

Look at the moon, not the finger.
Presentation of the new design collection

The MAC of Lissone inaugurates the waiting and prestigious permanent collection with an exhibition that reverberates the concept. In the authoritative cradle of design, an authoritative collect...

Have a good trip. - Lissone

06/12/2018 - 13/01/2019

Have a good trip.
Seven short stories in terracotta by Pino Deodato

Pino Deodato, master of terracotta sculpture, once again, with surprising intensity, tells his "in-finite" world with seven unpublished works dedicated to paper, at the time (the days), to the land...

Alberto Cavalieri. To the origins of the sign - Lissone

29/09/2018 - 18/11/2018

Alberto Cavalieri. To the origins of the sign

The stylistic evolution of Alberto Cavalieri is a journey in search of the sign and of the essential. The exhibition presents five mixed techniques on paper dating from the mid-seventies to the ear...

Antonio Scaccabarozzi. Vo[i]ler couleur - Lissone

29/09/2018 - 18/11/2018

Antonio Scaccabarozzi. Vo[i]ler couleur

MAC di Lissone dedicates to Antonio Scaccabarozzi an exhibition that investigates thirty years of work, from the beginning of the eighties to the new millennium. Fascinated by the lightness, transp...


29/09/2018 - 18/11/2018

How we were, how we lived

To say Lissone is to say furniture. In 1936, in collaboration with the Associazione Artigiani, the first Lissonese Week was promoted. The editions of the Lissonesi Weeks considerably increased the ...

The garden of the Hesperides - Lissone

29/09/2018 - 18/11/2018

The garden of the Hesperides

The Hesperides lived in a garden where they guarded a tree from which golden apples hung. Like the nymphs of mythology, the museum of Lissone also preserves the fruits of its activity which, once t...

Wang Zhongjie - Lissone

29/09/2018 - 18/11/2018

Wang Zhongjie
Nessundove (不可思议)

First solo exhibition of Wang Zhongjie in an Italian museum, Nessundove presents a selection of recent works by the artist. Wang Zhongjie seeks the reason, the meaning of his life with all of himse...

IXION - Lissone

05/07/2018 - 16/09/2018

The collection, its evolution and cultural research at the service of the city

The exhibition tells the programmatic lines of the MAC Lissone through the acquisitions and the donations that have enriched the museum heritage during the years from 2000 to 2018. Inaugurated in N...

Marcello Signorile. Manifesto Indifferente - Lissone

05/05/2018 - 24/06/2018

Marcello Signorile. Manifesto Indifferente

Marcello Signorile presents a nucleus of unpublished works that are part of a project launched in 2016. Signorile's work uses a "short form of thought" that is configured in annotations, drawings a...

Momenti e stagioni. - Lissone

05/05/2018 - 24/06/2018

Momenti e stagioni.
Antonio Calderara and Samuele Villa

The MAC of Lissone celebrates the birthday of Samuele Villa. In the first half of the sixties, Villa began to specialize in art editions, a profession that will continue to run until 200...

Memorie di ragazzi perbene  - Lissone

05/05/2018 - 24/06/2018

Memorie di ragazzi perbene
Gioacchino Pontrelli in dialogue with the drawings of the Biblioteca del Mobile

Saturated in color and full of visual suggestions, the paintings by Gioacchino Pontrelli are evanescent and enigmatic scenes of the environment. Furnishing accessories and furnishings are immersed ...

Ivano Sossella. USW - Lissone

05/05/2018 - 24/06/2018

Ivano Sossella. USW

Ivano Sossella has been invited to realize some interventions of the SCHATTEN series using artificial shadows to trigger a sudden change of scene; on the main walkways of the city, the a...

Bugie Bianche. Group Show - Lissone

14/05/2018 - 15/05/2018

Bugie Bianche. Group Show

Looking back at the visual arts, and putting aside the problem of primogeniture, it is appropriate to establish a different type of copy. The educational project of the MAC proposes three pairs of ...