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Museo Archeologico Lametino
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Museo Archeologico Lametino

Lamezia Terme, Italy


Museo Archeologico Lametino

Lamezia Terme, Italy

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In the Museo Archeologico Lametino there are archaelogical finds from surveys, excavations and fortuitous discoveries carried out in the so called Lamezia plain. This fine Collection makes it possible to reconstructe the millenarian history of a strategic area along the Isthmus separating the Ionian Sea from the Tyrrhenian Sea. The museum is housed since 2010 on the first floor of The S. Domenico complex in Nicastro, a former convent founded between 1506 and 1521 and attended by the famous philosopher Tommaso Campanella too.
The Museum is divided into three sections: Prehistoric, Classical and Medieval
The Prehistoric Section displays materials from the Lower Paleolithic Age (1.8 million-100,000 years ago) until the Middle Bronze Age (about 1600-1400 BC), as stone tools, ceramic fragments and bone fragments. The section includes a didactic laboratory with a life-size reconstruction of a furnace for Neolithic pots. 
The Classical Section has two rooms. The first one shows documents of the most early interaction of Greeks in the Lamezia area and the subsequent foundation of Terina, a colony of Crotone, located by the scholars in the area of ​​Sant'Eufemia Vetere. Treasures of Magno-Greek coins and epigraphic documents on bronze tablets are of particular interest. The second room is dedicated to artifacts from the Hellenistic period and the Roman times. 
In the Medieval Section post-classical material is exhibited from the Byzantine period up to the 18th century. It comes from excavations made in the Little Church of SS. Quaranta Martiri, in the Benedictine Abbey of S. Maria di S. Eufemia and in the Castle of Nicastro.

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Direzione Regionale Musei Calabria
Museo Archeologico Lametino

Piazzetta San Domenico, 11
88046, Lamezia Terme

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