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Museo Luigi Bailo
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Museo Luigi Bailo

Treviso, Italy


Museo Luigi Bailo

Treviso, Italy

The Museum

The Museum named after Luigi Bailo is the oldest of the current civic museums, built in the spaces of an ancient convent of Renaissance origin articulated around two cloisters. Closed to the public in 2003, it has undergone major renovations and redecoration that completely changed its face, returning to the city in October 2015 an entirely new Museum in architecture and furnishings.
Today it hosts the Galleria del Novecento, an important anthology with around 340 works from the second half of the nineteenth century and from the first half of the twentieth century, whose main theme is the important collection by Arturo Martini (1889-1947), recognized as one of the greatest sculptors twentieth century Europeans. Also on display is a significant anthology of the contemporary painter Gino Rossi.
The structure is equipped with all the services of an accessible and functional museum. The first distinctive element of the building is the architecture, redesigned in the façade and in the interior spaces, but also in the external square, an "urban atrium" in which the design of the façade is projected.
The museum itinerary proceeds chronologically, between the first floor and the ground floor, offering the opportunity for unprecedented comparisons and relationships.

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Musei Civici di Treviso
Museo Luigi Bailo

Borgo Cavour, 24
31100, Treviso

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