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Museo Benedetto Robazza
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Museo Benedetto Robazza

Rocca Priora, Italy


Museo Benedetto Robazza

Rocca Priora, Italy

Museo Benedetto Robazza

The Benedetto Robazza Museum in Rocca Priora, located within the Monsignor F. Giacci Cultural Center, was born in April 2018 to host the substantial donation that the homonymous artist to whom the museum is dedicated, had made in that same year .
The permanent collection revolves entirely around the grandiose work represented by Dante's Inferno, a long frieze of eighteen panels of 2x2.5mt in resin-coated marble powder which, placed in the external courtyard, represent all XXXIV Canti from left to right. of the Inferno of Dante's Divine Comedy. It is a majestic work of 1995 presented for the first time by Vittorio Sgarbi in Florence at the Brunelleschi Room of Palazzo degli Innocenti, subsequently exhibited in Rome along Ponte Sisto in 2010 and then left for China in 2011 where it remained on display at the 'Art Center of Wenzhou for three long years in a purchase negotiation by the Chinese state, never concluded. In 2013 the work found its place in the courtyard of Santa Croce in Florence and in 2015 in the gardens of the Villa Comunale in Sorrento. Since 2018 it has been housed in the Rocca Priorese Civic Museum, together with its preparatory sketch in plaster and his studies in charcoal and oil.

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Polo Culturale Monsignor F. Giacci
Museo Benedetto Robazza

Via Monsignor F. Giacci
00079, Rocca Priora

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