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Museo Città di Cannara
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Museo Città di Cannara

Cannara, Italy


Museo Città di Cannara

Cannara, Italy

The Museum

The rooms hold a conspicuous collection of archaeological material from the excavation of Urvinum Hortense, in Collemancio, evidence the site was occupied from pre-Roman times to the late Middle Ages. The Museum also houses a collection of mediaeval and modern paintings and sculptures from the main churches in the town and from some of the noble palaces.
The tour begins on the ground floor: the first room displays a collection not only of wind and percussion musical instruments from the early 20th century, but also scores and photographs of the period, which bear witness to the solid musical tradition of the town of Cannara. 
The archaeological tour begins on the same floor with a first room holding pre-Roman and Roman archaeological finds. However, the pride and joy of the collection is the fascinating, polychrome mosaic from the thermal baths of Urvinum Hortense, which can be viewed from above. A few display cabinets hold the finds from the excavation. This mosaic dates back to the 1st-2nd century AD and is the biggest find discovered in the ancient Roman municipium. Next to the archaeological section, there is room for the art collections of the Civic Art Gallery.

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Museo Città di Cannara

Via del convitto, 20
06033, Cannara

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    Variable. Visit the web site of the circuit Umbria Terre Musei.


    October - November

    SUN 10:00 - 12:00 / 15:00 – 18:00



    SUN and holidays 10:00 - 12:00 / 15:00 – 18:00


    January - March

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    SAT - SUN 10:00 - 12:00 / 16:00 – 19:00

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