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Museo Casa Walser
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Museo Casa Walser

Macugnaga, Italy


Museo Casa Walser

Macugnaga, Italy

Museo Antica Casa Walser di Borca

The Ancient Walser House Museum in Borca (Alts Walserhüüs Van Zer Burfuggu) was built in the 1980s by a group of volunteers who carried out the rigorously conservative restoration of a fine 17th century building. The museum equipment, arranged on three floors, exhibits a vast range of objects and visual documents on the "modus vivendi" of the past, which have characterized the Walser culture and civilization and which allow to highlight the values ​​and concrete practices of a minority ethnic-linguistic confronted daily with the harshness and difficulties of a high altitude territory, also providing original solutions, now completely obsolete. Therefore the visit to the museum assumes a great historical interest. Therefore the museum is addressed not only to all fans who appreciate the unknown pages of the life of the past, but also to schools that can draw valuable lessons of stimulation and comparison with current reality.

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Associazione Musei d'Ossola
Museo Casa Walser

Centro Abitato Borca, 263
28876, Macugnaga

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