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Palazzo Bianco
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Palazzo Bianco

Genova, Italy


Palazzo Bianco

Genova, Italy

Strada Nuova Museums, Palazzo Bianco

The UNESCO World Heritage Site Via Garibaldi – the baroque Strada Nuova dating back from the Italian Rinascimento – is the extraordinary setting of a unique itinerary connecting three important Genoese buildings: the Palazzo Rosso, the Palazzo Bianco and the Palazzo Doria Tursi.
An important collection of Genoese, Italian and European paintings from the 16th to the 18th century is on display in the Palazzo Bianco: alongside a series of masterpieces by artists from Italy (Caravaggio, Veronese), the Flanders (Hans Memling, Gerard David, Jean Provost, Rubens, Van Dyck), the Netherlands (Steen), France (Vouet, Lancret) and Spain (Zurbaràn, Murillo), the Palazzo Bianco is home to a large collection of Genoese paintings by Cambiaso, Strozzi, Piola, and Magnasco. Largely destroyed in 1942 by the WWII bombings, was rebuilt with its 18th-century appearance and, at its reopening in 1950, the exhibition was rearranged with a layout designed by rationalist architect Franco Albini (1905-1977).

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Musei di Genova
Palazzo Bianco

Via Garibaldi, 11
16124, Genova

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