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Palazzo Fulcis
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Palazzo Fulcis

Belluno, Italy


Palazzo Fulcis

Belluno, Italy

Palazzo Fulcis

The Museum was established in 1872, thanks to the donation of the important collection of paintings on wood and canvas, from Doctor Antonio Giampiccoli. This first nucleus was later joined by the collections of bronzes, medals, plaques, seals, coins, manuscripts and books of local interest own by count Florio Miari. The exhibition was housed in the Palace of the College of Jurists, built in 1664, still the seat of the Museum. The ground floor is occupied by the archaeological section which documents the long history of Valbelluna from the Middle Paleolithic to the Middle Age. The Lapidary is hosted nearby in the lobby of the Auditorium entrance, in the same Piazza Duomo.
At the first and second floor of the Museum, is located the collection of paintings dating from the 14th to the 19th century, most of them by local artists. Other rooms are dedicated to wooden sculpture, to the collection of small plates and small bronzes, to the paintings of votive offerings, to the decorative arts collections. 

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Musei Civici di Belluno
Palazzo Fulcis

Via Roma, 28
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