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Palazzo Sinesi
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Palazzo Sinesi

Canosa di Puglia, Italy


Palazzo Sinesi

Canosa di Puglia, Italy

Palazzo Sinesi

Palazzo Sinesi is a nineteenth-century building in which resides one of the archaeological museums of Polo Museale della Puglia. The palace hosts many temporary exhibitions and a permanent exhibition about canosine and daunian pottery from the Varrese hypogeum, founded in the surroundings of Canosa di Puglia. The halls of Palazzo Sinesi have been hosting archaeological exhibitions since 1994 with the collaboration between the Archaeological Superintendence, Polo Museale della Puglia and the Canosa Archaeological Foundation.
The hypogeum of Varrese Tomb was discovered by chance in 1912 by Sabino Varrese in land owned by him along the modern via Lavello. The tomb, entirely dug into the tuff bench is composed by five rooms. The grave of the Varrese tomb is made up of more than 400 artifacts of a precious funerary outfit dated by IV-III century BC, including red-figure apulian vases, gilded ceramics, listed pottery, objects in alabaster, an exceptional anatomical bronze breastplate in addition to very original and extraordinary plastic and polychrome vases typical of Canosina production.

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Polo Museale della Puglia
Palazzo Sinesi

Via Kennedy 18
70053, Canosa di Puglia

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