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Raccolta Stampe Achille Bertarelli
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Raccolta Stampe Achille Bertarelli

Milano, Italy


Raccolta Stampe Achille Bertarelli

Milano, Italy

The Institute

The Achille Bertarelli Print Collection, was established in 1927 to enhance the exceptional collection of 300.000 prints that its founder Achille Bertarelli (1863-1938) donated to the City of Milan in 1925. The institute conserves over a million works, including 15.000 artistic prints, ranging from the first 15th century xylographs to modern graphic design, organised according to iconographic criteria. The wealth of material is divided into thematic sections: maps and views, historic, art and popular prints, graphic design, editorial design, conceptual design, bookplates, fashion plates, fans, games and playing cards, business and greeting cards, coloured papers, postcards, almanacs and calendars, etc. There are about 30.000 prints, divided according to the subject represented. It includes maps, topographical plans, views of cities, and Italian and foreign locations in the period between the 16th and 19th centuries. There are about 80.000 works by great artists active between the 15th and the 20th centuries. Mantegna, Dürer, Piranesi, Rembrandt, Tiepolo, Munch, Morandi are just some of the great masters who also expressed themselves through engraving techniques, creating true masterpieces. Particularly noteworthy is the engraving by Bernardo Prevedari on the design of Bramante, executed in 1481 and of which only two examples survive, the second of these being in the British Museum in London. One of the most bountiful parts of the collection contains printed advertising materials, such as magazines, sketches and posters. The area dedicated to posters in particular, composed of about 7.000 examples promoting industrial products, magazines, cinemas, theatres, resorts, exhibitions and political propaganda, is both nationally and internationally renowned. The collection includes the works of important artists such as Marcello Dudovich, Leonetto Cappiello, Bruno Munari, Leopoldo Metlicovitz, Alphonse Mucha.

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Raccolta Stampe Achille Bertarelli

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