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Museo Santa Caterina

Treviso, Italy


Museo Santa Caterina

Treviso, Italy


Renato Casaro - Treviso

05/12/2020 - 30/09/2021

Renato Casaro

In Treviso, with a large exhibition in three different locations in the city (Museo Nazionale Salce Collection, which for the occasion opens in the rediscovered Church ...

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Natura in posa. - Treviso

30/11/2019 - 27/09/2020

Natura in posa.
Masterpieces from the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna in dialogue with contemporary photography

The exhibition is part of a large promotion project developed by the City of Treviso together with important institutional partners in order to enhance, in Italy and abroad, the cultural, artistic ...