Casa Museo Jorn

Casa Museo Jorn

House Jornè ;: nature, architecture, art, research

All artistic expressions of Jorn in one fantastic environment: murals, collages of ceramics from all periods , stone sculptures and outdoor marble. A garden overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, rich in floral species, plants and aromatic essences. A mix of natural sounds and perfumes, among the old bands and colorful walls.

Welcome to the home of Asger Jorn

It was 1954 when Asger Jorn, Danish painter of international fame, arriv memorize options Albissola, along with Matie partner and their four children. To invite Enrico Baj and Sergio Dangelo Nuclear Art Movement, thinking that the intellectual and human context albisolese and the mild climate of the Mediterranean could benefit the health and economy precarious Jorn. Having lived in several apartments scattered around the town, in 1957 Jorn the availabilityà economic to buy that house that would become a real work of art. Before a buy memorize options the house (east side) and, shortly after, l’ building used as a study (west side). Both the buildings that the ground were in a state of abandonment and neglect. With l’ help of Umberto (Berto) Gambetta, a skilled worker albisolese, in a few years the house, the studio and the garden were transformed into a warm, lush place, full of life, art and poetry.

< p> space and material for total art

Jorn conceived l’ art and l’ architecture as an organic whole of space, shapes, wild colors, free and vibrant capable to improve the lives of individuals and the communityà ;. Jorn respected nature, animals, children, and willingly shared with them and friends the moments of celebration and relaxation that alternated the tenacious artistic and intellectual engagement. Each work d’ art or decoration at’ interior and all’è exterior of the house; It was decided by Jorn. In the case of walls, floors and construction works, the implementation was entrusted to Berto. The ceramics, sculptures and paintings were made directly by Jorn and installed with the’ Berto help. To coat the external floors, Giovanni Poggi (the potter Factory St. George, where Jorn worked ceramics) did get a truckload of colored tiles from Ceramiche Santa Margherita Ligure Artistic. Berto port memorize options ;, from the factory where he worked, some large ceramic electrical insulators, which Jorn USED memorize options as pedestals to exhibit his sculptures in the garden, or as tables on which to eat’ open. Berto, helped by his nephew Angelo, spian memorize options the soil, costruì the retaining walls for terraces to cultivate, kept l’ garden, orchard and vineyard. Ristruttur memorize options and landscaped memorize options also the buildings, making them suitable to the needs of Jorn and his family.

In 1973, Asger Jorn leave memorize options an inheritanceà his house to the City of Albissola Marina, with the wish that he could become a museum and a place of reference for albissolesi. After the death of Berto Gambetta and Teresa Aesculapian, usufruct for life according testamentary indications of Danish, and  as a result of rapid obsolescence and deterioration in the garden, since 2000 beginning memorize options a long and complex operation of restoration and musealization, which termin memorize options; in 2014 with the reopening of the site as“ House Museum Jorn”.

PH. CREDIT:  Or. Tonella, F. Delprino, FROM SUPER-2019


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Via D'Annunzio, 6
17012 Albissola Marina


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