Biscari Palace is located in the center of Catania. The Palace was originally seventeenth century and was built on the family commission Paterno Castello of the principles of Biscari. The building still has the original decorations and environments: the fiefs of the room, the ballroom, the apartments of the princess and the Don Quixote room. Today the building houses the eponymous museum with the archaeological collection of Ignazio Paterno Castello great archaeologist, scholar and lover of the arts in general. The prince had arranged his collection in a wing specially built in the palace, where he remained until 1927. Much of the collection is now on display at the Castello Ursino in Catania. The museum has ancient origins and was founded in 1758 by Paterno Castello family. The collection includes sculptures, mosaics, vases, epigraphs, bronzes, pottery, a medal, objects of natural history and physics instruments. Surely the sculptural section is the richest with, for example, the "Torso Biscari" found during the excavations in the Convent of St. Augustine in Catania. Other objects of much interest to the principles of sacred art, arts and crafts, oriental factories and medieval art.

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