Museo del Violino

Museo Del Violino

Cremona è ;, five centuries, the capital  violin making. At  Museo del Violino è can discover the fascinating history of this’ high craftsmanship excellence through the’ direct encounter with the great masters and their masterpieces, following a balanced trace of creatives and territory, abilityà and knowledge that comes from the late Renaissance workshops to date.


In the“ casket treasure”  and the room“ friends of Stradivari” are works of  Amati, Stradivari, Guarneri: è a  unique collection. Only here, in addition, you can admire more than 700 drawings, forms and tools used by Antonio Stradivari in his workshop.

Among nineteenth and twentieth centuries the classical Cremonese school inspired by the work of important Italian manufacturers, presented in a dedicated section. Finally violins, violas, cellos and double basses winners of the International Triennial Competition, considered a’ authentic Olympics, testify to the livelinessà Eclectic and l’ topicalà of violin making.


natural stage of these magnificent instrumentsè l’ Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi: a unique and exciting place where aesthetics and function are perfect synthesis. The geometry of space combines soft volumes; sinuous lines chase each other and draw a huge organic sculpture that expresses the propagation of sound waves.

Valuables, a rich collection of documents and multimedia installations, concerts allow each visitor to create an attractive and engaging location where instruments, sounds , perfumes and images combine to shape a  history, dreams and emotions.


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Piazza Marconi, 5
26100 Cremona


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