Palazzo Schifanoia in Ferrara was erected in 1385 by order of Alberto d'Este of Ferrara until 1393. building master in 1465, in the work of the architect Pietro Benvenuti of the Orders, was added a noble plan for to welcome the ducal apartments and a large reception hall: the Salone dei Mesi. In this environment, many of the artists working in Ferrara, including Francesco del Cossa and Ercole de 'Roberti, took part in order to create one of the most amazing masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance: the living room decor with the Months cycle, celebration of his house in astrological and mythological. Inside the museum is a large collection of coins, which can range from emission of Greek ticks to autonomous and papal coinage; rich in the presence of manuscripts. The Egyptian collection on display come from collections and not from archaeological excavation: it consists of funerary and sacred relics from the period between the V dynasty and the Ptolemaic age. Important also the ferrarese ceramic collection that is one of the most important collections of pieces made between wing half of the '300 and the beginning of' 600.

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Via Scandiana, 23
44121 Ferrara

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