The Riminaldi Museum, housed since 2005 in Bonacossi Palace in Ferrara, exhibits collections of art and antiques that Cardinal Giammaria Riminaldi (1718-1789) met in Rome and donated to his hometown of Ferrara, in the second half of eighteenth century. The exhibition tour covers a wide variety of types of works including sculptures outweigh the paintings. To importance and quality quite the collection of bronzes, mosaics and the significant salesmen polychrome marble whose elegance is accentuated by specially designed display solutions, also using period furniture. Overall, the Riminaldi museum reflects the artistic program and the antiquarian Cardinal, collector and intellectual of great caliber, animator of Ferrara and Roman cultural life of the late eighteenth century. The picturesque setting highlights the excellence of the many works selected by the cardinal according to a conscious taste for the old sustained from adhering to the classic theories on the ideal that was combined interest for innovative Baroque sculpture. The Museum Riminaldi offers more in-depth tools like the catalog of the collection. For more insights on civic collections they are covered by the Public Library of Art and Archeology Museum which shares with the spaces and times at Palazzo Bonacossi

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Via Cisterna del Follo, 5
44121 Ferrara

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