The San Cristoforo alla Certosa is located in Ferrara and is open for worship and liturgical functions. You have to Borso d'Este in 1452 the idea of ​​promoting the construction of a Carthusian monastery in Ferrara. How to impose the rule of the order, the choice of the site on which to erect the Este Certosa fell on a distant from the town. Such isolation, however, was short: even a few decades later, with the fulfillment of the Herculean, the complex was encased in the circle of walls Este, loses the characteristic of "retreat" but entering in the image of the renewed city by Ercole I in the end the fifteenth century. In 1498, next to the original church, it started the building of a new and more spacious temple dedicated to St. Christopher. Over time the borsiana church was incorporated into the convent, while the new became the center of religious life of the Carthusians. The façade, left unfinished, was adorned in 1769 with a monumental marble portal, the restoration was completed in 2007 to its former glory. Inside stand out the decorations of the side altars, by Nicolò Roselli, and those of the transept blades, painted around 1570 by the Bastianino. A massive campaign of restoration had recently allowed San Cristoforo to buy back next to its original sacred function also the important cultural role of the monument of the most significant and valuable historical and artistic heritage of Ferrara.

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Via Borso, 1
44121 Ferrara

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