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Curated by: Anna Orlando e Francesca Serrati

The show

BLUE, the visible idea of ​​infinity, the most metaphysical of the colors of the rainbow as well as of the palette of each ancient, modern or contemporary painter, is the protagonist of the autumn-winter 2020 of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Villa Croce. The Museum continues in its 2020 relaunch year under the banner of decisive networking with the energies that come from the territory as well as from the outside, up to gathering the lifeblood that comes from cities that are protagonists of the contemporary scenario at an international level such as Milan, Rovereto and London.


The white and bright spaces of the residence-museum will be invaded by the explosive power of an intense and magically suggestive color, which connotes, in a different way, the works of art on display and which suggests, to the artists represented, different paths of research. The project of a multiple exhibition includes five exhibition events set up simultaneously in the rooms of the noble floor and are accompanied by as many specific meetings dedicated to each of the exhibitions that make up the corollary of this program, to which others are added to make the new autumn season of the museum.


The flagship exhibition of this intense program is the ARTEJEANS exhibition: history of a myth in the plots of contemporary art which presents, as an absolute preview, the 24 works generously donated to the Civic Collections of Genoa by artists from all over Italy: Alberto BIASI, Henrick BLOMQVIST, Enzo CACCIOLA, Pierluigi CALIGNANO, Roberto CODA ZABETTA, Maurizio DONZELLI, Ettore FAVINI, GOLDSCHMIED & CHIARI, Riccardo GUARNERI, Emilio ISGRÒ, Ugo LA PIETRA, Marco LODOLA and Giovanna FRA, Carolina MAZZOLARI, Ugo NESPOLO, David PARTIOLA, Giovanni OZZRAOLA , Francesca PASQUALI, Pino PINELLI, Fabrizio PLESSI, Gianni POLITI, Laura RENNA, Marta SPAGNOLI; Serena VESTRUCCI, Gianfranco ZAPPETTINI.


The works of these historicized and internationally renowned artists, carefully selected by the critical committee composed of Ilaria Bignotti, Luciano Caprile, Laura Garbarino, will be exhibited to the public for the first time in five dynamic spaces of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Villa Croce. A great gift for Genoa, to compensate the drama of the fall of the Morandi bridge with contemporary art and look to the future. From an idea of ​​Ursula Casamonti (owner and founder of Tornabuoni Art, London) and Francesca Centurione Scotto, Artejeans was born as an association to support, with the creation of a founding nucleus of considerable artistic importance and the creation of an unusual and rare collection of works in jeans, the long-awaited event of GenovaJeans, conceived by Manuela Arata who will celebrate the cloth of Genoa, jeans in English, as the material with which the Superba has dressed since the Middle Ages and identifying the city itself. The artists had to try their hand at a 200 x 180 cm denim canvas, offered by the partner of the event Candiani, freely interpreting it and transforming it into works of art that descend into the most intimate "blue" essence of the city.


“A symbolic journey through time and in the history of jeans, in the forms and cultural geographies of Italian art. The works of these artists are small great bridges to and from Genoa to Italy and to the world (...) works of art conceived solely for the desire to contribute to the birth, in Genoa, of a new reality of contemporary visual arts, open to everyone is able to redeem, once again, the community and the collectivity from silence and absence, from loneliness and isolation ... also physically recounting the city's effort to restart, be reborn, rebuild. " Ilaria Bignotti, one of the curators of the catalog, writes.

Works on display

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Via Iacopo Ruffini, 3
16128 Genova


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