Palazzo Ducale di Genova

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Past exhibitions

date_range Raimondo Sirotti

Raimondo Sirotti

Ended on 25 July 2021

date_range Magnum Italy

Magnum Italy

Ended on 18 July 2021

date_range Michelangelo


Ended on 11 July 2021

date_range Deredia in Genova

Deredia in Genova

Ended on 30 November 2020

date_range Obey fidelity

Obey fidelity

Ended on 01 November 2020

date_range It was fought here

It was fought here

Ended on 11 October 2020

date_range Genoese's XX century Architecture

Genoese's XX century Architecture

Ended on 20 September 2020

date_range Five minutes with Monet

Five minutes with Monet

Ended on 23 August 2020

date_range Raimondo Sirotti

Raimondo Sirotti

Ended on 07 June 2020

date_range The second principle of an artist called Banksy
date_range Alfred Hitchkock in the Universal Pictures films
date_range Twenties in Italy. The age of uncertainty
date_range Apparently places

Apparently places

Ended on 01 December 2019

date_range Labirinto Luzzati.

Labirinto Luzzati.

Ended on 03 November 2019

date_range Inge Morath.

Inge Morath.

Ended on 06 October 2019

date_range Giorgio de Chirico.

Giorgio de Chirico.

Ended on 01 September 2019

date_range Claire Fontaine.

Claire Fontaine.

Ended on 05 May 2019

date_range Paganini Rockstar

Paganini Rockstar

Ended on 10 March 2019

date_range From Monet to Bacon.

From Monet to Bacon.

Ended on 03 March 2019

date_range Fulvio Roiter

Fulvio Roiter

Ended on 24 February 2019

date_range México


Ended on 09 September 2018

date_range Notturni en plain air

Notturni en plain air

Ended on 15 August 2018

date_range Antonio Ligabue

Antonio Ligabue

Ended on 01 July 2018

date_range André Kertész:

André Kertész:

Ended on 17 June 2018

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