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MAO - Museo d’Arte Orientale

Torino, Italy


MAO - Museo d’Arte Orientale

Torino, Italy

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China goes urban - Turin

28/04/2021 - 13/06/2021

China goes urban
The new period of the city

After a long period of forced closure and the resumption in late spring, the MAO Museo d’Arte Orientale di Torino starts the autumn program with a look to the fut...

Persians Plots - Turin

01/10/2020 - 31/03/2021

Persians Plots

One of the greatest empires in history, the Persian one, influenced by many different cultures but strong with a well-rooted identity, has been for centuries among the ...

Petals and dragons between two wires of silk - Turin

24/09/2020 - 28/03/2021

Petals and dragons between two wires of silk
Rotation of Kesa

In Japan, the word kesa indicates the typical dress of Buddhist monks, as well as the habit worn by the Buddha himself. The kesa, however, is not a simple garment and h...

Samurai, poets and ingenuity men - Turin

22/10/2020 - 21/02/2021

Samurai, poets and ingenuity men

The MAO Japan gallery changes its appearance again!
For reasons of protection and conservation, the kakemono and ukiyo-e, the paper p...

Artissima Unplugged - Turin

07/11/2020 - 12/02/2021

Artissima Unplugged

Artissima International of Contemporary Art is proposed for 2020 in the Unplugged version. A new formula, expanded in time and space, which brings together physical exh...

MAO meets URBAN ART - Turin

28/10/2020 - 31/01/2021


Street art was born in the 70s of the last century as a spontaneous cultural phenomenon, without clear boundaries, and as a form of expression that uses public space to...

The Landscape poetry - Turin

13/06/2020 - 25/10/2020

The Landscape poetry

The works on paper or silk present at the MAO are extremely delicate and require, unlike others, a period of rest. For this reason, and to allow visitors to enjoy a con...

Rotation of Japanese Swords - Turin

10/12/2019 - 06/09/2020

Rotation of Japanese Swords

The sword, together with the gem and the mirror, is one of the three imperial insignia of Japan, representing respectively the three fundamental virtues of value, benev...

History from Morocco - Turin

13/06/2020 - 30/08/2020

History from Morocco

"Stories from Morocco", born from the collaboration of about twenty Moroccan families of the Bab Sahara association of Turin with the managers of the MAO Educational Se...

Drawing Asia with the wind - Turin

14/02/2020 - 06/08/2020

Drawing Asia with the wind

Artist, anthropologist, explorer, adventurer, writer, photographer, journalist and inventor: Arnold Henry Savage Landor (1865-1924) is an extremely interesting multifac...

Kakemono - Turin

27/03/2020 - 28/06/2020

Five century of Japanese painting. The Perino Collection

A scroll of precious fabric - or paper - painted or calligraphed, designed to be hung on special occasions or used as...

Sulla Via Della Folgore di Diamante. - Turin

26/04/2019 - 05/04/2020

Sulla Via Della Folgore di Diamante.
Rotazione di dipinti nella Galleria della Regione himalayana

The term "thangka" indicates a painted fabric that can be rolled up. The paintings are executed in tempera, the support is a cotton muslin and the preparation base is made wit...

Guerriere dal Sol Levante. - Turin

18/10/2019 - 01/03/2020

Guerriere dal Sol Levante.
La figura della donna guerriera in Giappone

The exhibition "Guerriere dal sol Levante", curated by the Yoshin Ryu Association in collaboration with the MAO Oriental Art Museum of Turin, wants to pay tribute ...

Sulle sponde del Tigri. - Turin

21/09/2019 - 12/01/2020

Sulle sponde del Tigri.
Suggestioni dalle collezioni archeologiche del MAO: Seleucia e Coche

In the long centuries between the enterprise of Alexander the Great and the advent of Islam, the horizons of the known world expanded as never before. In that world cities were born as we conceive ...

Shoreless. - Turin

03/10/2019 - 06/01/2020

Opere di Güler Ates nel percorso espositivo del MAO

Twenty photographic works placed along the visit route are the project that the English photographer of Turkish origin, Güler Ates, has created for the MAO, w...

Drop by Drop Life Falls from the Sky. - Turin

13/04/2019 - 01/09/2019

Drop by Drop Life Falls from the Sky.

Some of the most prestigious European and international museums - including the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology in Oxford, the L.A. Mayer Museum of Islamic Art in Jerusalem, the Benaki Muse...

Safar: Journey to the Middle East. - Turin

20/03/2019 - 30/06/2019

Safar: Journey to the Middle East.
Lives hanging by a thread. Photographs by Farian Sabah

Sixty shots taken by Farian Sabahi in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, the Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Yemen between February 1998 and spring 2005 and exhibited for the fi...


26/02/2019 - 16/06/2019

The stars of the Edo period. Rotation of prints and paintings in the Japanese MAO Gallery

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