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Musei Civici di Jesi
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Musei Civici di Jesi

Jesi, Italy


Musei Civici di Jesi

Jesi, Italy


Inside the building there are the Archaeological Museum, the Picture Gallery and the Contemporary Art Gallery.
Palazzo Pianetti, a significant example of eighteenth-century architecture, was commissioned by the noble Pianetti family in the mid-1700s. The building acquired its present appearance in the middle of the following century, when it was renovated on the occasion of the marriage of Vincenzo Pianetti with a descendant of the prestigious Marche family Azzolino. In the following years, due to serious financial problems, the Pianetti family was forced to sell the entire building. In 1901 the building was purchased by the Tesei family, the last owners before the gradual and partial acquisition by the Municipality of Jesi.
Since 1981 the noble floor of Palazzo Pianetti has housed the Pinacoteca. To characterize this plan are the famous Galleria degli Stucchi and the rooms decorated with the Stories of Enea, two of which house the famous works of Lorenzo Lotto. The original nucleus of the collection derives from the works that became municipal property thanks to the Valerio decree, and was subsequently extended through donations. The rooms on the second floor, entirely decorated in the nineteenth-century style, host since 2002 the Gallery of Contemporary Art whose works derive not only from acquisitions, but also from the “Rosa Papa Tamburi” award created by the Jesi artist Orfeo Tamburi, and from the exhibition of 1981 "La Ruota del Lotto" thanks to which contemporary artists have reinterpreted the masterpieces of Lorenzo Lotto.
From 2017 in the rooms of the former Stables of Palazzo Pianetti there is the Archaeological Museum which contains finds from the territory, the Pasquarella-Spridgeon collection and a group of Roman statues.

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Musei Civici di Jesi

Via XV Settembre, 10
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