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Museo Nazionale Rossini
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Museo Nazionale Rossini

Pesaro, Italy


Museo Nazionale Rossini

Pesaro, Italy

Rossini National Museum

Rossini National Museum tells the life, the man and the greatness of the artist but also the topicality of the work of Gioachino Rossini, illustrious citizen of Pesaro who gave birth to him on February 29th 1792.
Visitors are invited into the Rossinian world, told as an opera, a musical metaphor for his intense life. A fascinating journey, articulated in ten rooms, which follows the composer's biographical stages and the boundless opera production of his career, set from time to time in the historical context, between places and characters (relatives, masters, entrepreneurs, singers, musicians, politicians , rulers).
The museum is the narration of a long artistic and sentimental journey, unique in its kind, compelling, dramatic and full of curious anecdotes; of a life lived as a melodrama at the same time serious and comic, painful and loving, with fiascos and furious successes, at the turn of revolutions, political restorations, theaters, salons, great personalities and intellectual revolutions, between enlightenment, neoclassicism and romanticism. An epic that crosses the cultural movements of Europe between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and is perpetuated in the present.
He is the protagonist, the great divo son of an era that generated the first pop star ante litteram in European musical history: Gioachino Rossini. The museum hosts events and temporary exhibitions dedicated to music of all times, its history and sound.
The Rossini National Museum is located in the noble floor of Palazzo Montani Antaldi, a prestigious building in the historic center, and is the spearhead of the great Rossini course in Pesaro, Città della Musica, which also includes the Rossini Theater, Casa Rossini, Palazzo Mosca - Civic Museums, the Rossini Temple, Palazzo Olivieri and the Rossini Foundation Library (located on the ground floor of the building).

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Museo Nazionale Rossini

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