Museo Civico Archeolgico di Nepi

The Civic Museum Of Nepi

Museo Civico di Nepi uses a modern and fascinating exhibition apparatus through archaeological finds illustrating the’ historical evolution of the cityà and its territory starting by’ età Prehistoric until you reach the Renaissance.

The part più important civic collection, which is unique about the museum among the civic museums of England,è made up of material from necropolis Faliscan (VII– the third century BC) that surround the town.&Nbsp;

Among these, the“ necropolis of Sante Caves”È one that has returned the più archaeological finds; significant. Some excavations, carried out between 2003 and 2004 have, in fact, allow the’ exceptional find some chamber tombs and graves are still intact within the pit reserved for children. All’ interior of the chamber tombs were found rich grave characterized by the presence of Greek-made ceramics, bronze objects and personal ornaments in gold and silver.

The charm of these discoveries can memorize options be relived by the visitor through a video that documents the most sensational imagesù phases; suggestive of the excavation.

The story of Nepi, to memorize options ;, also left other important examples. Along with the amazing vintage finds faliscaè can, in fact, admire works as a portrait of’ Emperor Augusto and a rare marble coat of arms of Lucrezia Borgia.


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Via Falisca, 31
01036 Nepi


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