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Palazzo dei Musei
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Palazzo dei Musei

Reggio Emilia, Italy


Palazzo dei Musei

Reggio Emilia, Italy

Museums Palace

The history of the Museums Palace began in 1256, when the Franciscans friars took up residence there, converting the palace into a convent. In 1798, due to Napoleon’s suppressions, the friars left their home, which became a barrack and a stall for horses.
After the Restoration, the Palace hosted the Royal Legal Finishing School and the Royal Lyceum of Chemistry and Physics.The presence of these scientific schools led to the decision, in 1830, to set up the private collection of Lazzaro Spallanzani.
In 1862 Don Gaetano Chierici established his archaeological collections. Afterwards the collections of zoology, anatomy, botany, and the collections of ethnographic materials, which were given a new layout in 1999, were added to the Museum.
The Marble Gallery, opened in 1875 and restored in 1991, hosts stone artefacts from the Roman era to the XVIII Century. Roman architectural items in marble are also displayed in the adjacent Cloister. The Atrium of the Museum shows mosaics from the Roman era and from the XII-XIII centuries. Complement to the Chierici Museum is the Hall of the Roman city of Reggio, (1998) which exhibits archaeological finds from the roman era to the V century a.D.)
In recent years have been added the geological (1989) and local fauna collections, and the remains of the “Valentina whale” (2001), a 3.5 million year-old fossil cetacean found in the Secchia river valley.
On the top floor of the building, the Museum of Prehistory and Protohistory (1992) exhibits findings of the most recent excavations, an exhaustive overview of the ancient civilisations that inhabited Reggio Emilia area.
The Antonio Fontanesi Gallery, created in 1902 and enhanced many times, provides documentation of the artistic culture in Reggio Emilia from the XIV to the XX century.

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Musei Civici di Reggio Emilia
Palazzo dei Musei

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