The Roman Villa Of Russi

The Roman Villa of Russi is one of the best preserved rural villas of northern Italy. Discovered in the 50s and the subject of continuing excavations, the Villa showed an extension of at least 8000 square meters, included a thermal plant (highlighted in 1939 and recently rediscovered) and other parts of the complex structure still to be excavated . Located about 20 km west of Ravenna, it was built in the middle of a large estate whose products were intended for men of the Roman military fleet based in Classe, the ancient port of Ravenna. Up to the first century. B.C. these rustic villas were modest town homes smaller. The current site corresponds to the second phase of the building, dating from the first imperial age (I sec. - II cent. A.D.), built on a previous construction of the republican era. The complex looks like a large rectangle oriented north-south, is completely surrounded by a porch supported by brick columns. In rectangle, you can identify two peristyle (colonnaded courtyards), one small apartment and a large rustic courtyard. The neighborhood of Dominus (the owner) is located north of: surely consisted of a two-story building, adorned with elegant wall paintings and black and white mosaic floors with geometric motifs. To the northwest you can see a small district formed by three rooms, which was intended to villicus (the factor) or the procurator (the administrator) and separated the residence of Dominus from the homes of the servants. The rest of the pars rustica, open on the large portico courtyard, was made up of production facilities, storage of agricultural products and structures for irrigation (cisterns and wells). Recent excavations to the east have revealed a walled orchard by a portico, which forms the side of a new residential neighborhood with heated rooms. The recovered artefacts shows that the villa was well integrated into the surrounding commercial area.

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