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San Giorgio in Poggiale
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San Giorgio in Poggiale

Bologna, Italy


San Giorgio in Poggiale

Bologna, Italy

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Paper zoo - Bologna

28/01/2020 - 31/07/2020

Paper zoo
Histoire naturelle di Georges-Louis Leclerc conte di Buffon

Bologna, 28 January 2020 - If Diderot and D'Alembert's Encyclopédie is the work of scientific synthesis par excellence of the European Enlightenment, a great edi...

Bologna s’industria. - Bologna

15/10/2019 - 15/01/2020

Bologna s’industria.
The economic renaissance from the second post-war period to the 1980s in the images of the Fototecnica archive

Starting in the 1950s, Bologna lives what is called a "Bolognese economic miracle" that differs from the national one based on the development of large factories. Many of the Bolognese industries i...