closed Aganahuei

Curated by: Andrea Busto

The show

From 24 September to 24 October Aganahuei will create an important installation of Industrial Art entitled "We care about the time we live at the Ettore Fico Museum in Turin!" Because "We care about the time we live!" ? Because we want to express and summarize the change taking place in the world of contemporary art. A rebirth and an irreversible change that will lead in a few years to a reinterpretation of “producing art” in a current and international key. A watershed between an old way and a new one, more in tune, in our opinion, with the rapid changes in the social and aesthetic languages ​​of the present. Aganahuei is a collective collective of professionals from the artistic world (Bruno Sacchetto - Pietro de Carolis - Danilo Manassero - L. Ferrando - R. Fontanone) who collaborate in various capacities in the creation of events, exhibitions and products whose catalyst is the sharing of the creative force, passion and energy lavished in each project. We operate in Alba, where our company is based. Aganahuei is a "structure" made up of men, with a shared ethics and aesthetics, united by the awareness that the industrial, art, fashion and design product must be declined through aesthetic and loso and contemporary forms that read and interpret the signs of the changes taking place. At the base of the works that will be presented during the exhibition, there is the use of digital technology and new materials that the Italian industry produces with high quality standards. All the operational phases of production are designed on the computer and carried out with automated and interconnected industrial processes that do not admit errors. Man, the artist with his creativity and his talent, appropriates technology, makes it an accomplice and a participant in a new way of making art. A pact between man and machine destined to move forward over time with a single goal: to create the perfect work by making it available to more people. It is no coincidence that all this happens in Italy. The works make use of different manufacturing processes and materials: dibond, aluminum, shaped polypropylene, digital printing on PVC banners, fiberglass.

Works on display

Timetable and tickets


via Francesco Cigna 114
10155 Torino


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