Fondazione 107

The Foundation

Foundation  107 deals with contemporary art. The exhibition area is spread over 1,500 square meters of a former industrial building dating back to the fifties of the twentieth century situated in Turin via Sansovino 107 234. Foundation  has as its mission the dissemination of contemporary art in all its forms and expressions, through specific actions to consider simultaneously involved the public, private and local institutions.È willsà  107  Foundation, acting within the territorial settlement, using interdisciplinary and multicultural programs to contribute to the process of upgrading and encourage the development and improvement of living conditions of the neighborhood. The cultural action at the system level, combined with other interventions including the "Juventus Village" project, wants to bring the periphery a bit 'of that vitalityà Also culture that now it seems unique feature of the city center. Foundation 107 à aware of Turin city; workshop aims to develop a synergistic relationship with the industry, that combine artistic event presenting the industrial-products.


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Via Andrea Sansovino, 234
10151 Torino


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