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Egyptian Museum è the più oldest museum dedicated to the civilizationà Pharaonic and boasts the second largest collection of antiquesà Egyptian in the world as well asé the più important outside of’ Egypt. The Museumè the result of a path along almost four hundred years, which sees its genesis in the early antiquityà Egyptian scrolls by Savoy in the seventeenth century and then in’ purchase of Drovetti that consentì ;, in 1824, creating the first big Egyptian Museum .

The tour winds through five exhibition floors that can accommodate about 3,700 artifacts to tell the story of the museum collections and archaeological contexts of the objects on display. Visit the Egyptian Museum means taking a journey through più 4000 years of history, meeting priceless artefacts such as natural mummy pre-dynastic dating from the fifth millennium BC, the papyrus documents the first strike in history and statues of pharaohs legendary, especially that of Ramesses II , one of the charactersù Notice of’ ancient Egypt. 

reconstructions of archaeological contexts dedicated to the major discoveries of the Museum enable visitors to immerse themselves in daily life and of&rsquo culture; ancient Egypt, as in the room devoted to the workers' village Deir el-Medina , where exhibits tell the story of the workers involved in the construction and decoration of the tombs of the pharaohs, and the room which houses the grave goods from the tomb never violated dell’ architect Kha and his wife  Merit.


Permanent Collection

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Via Accademia delle Scienze, 6
10123 Torino


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