The Archaeological Museum is a museum of Villa Mirabello in Varese, housed since 1949 in the Villa Mirabello. The Museum was born in 1871 on the will of local scholars and enthusiasts who wanted to collect historical and archaeological evidence of the Varese area. The Civic Museums of Villa Mirabello have an ancient tradition and closely linked to the territory. Because of the discovery of numerous pile-dwelling sites that made him famous in European prehistory. The museum collection was greatly implemented thanks to the donation of the marquis Andrea Ponti, funder and promoter of archaeological research at the Virginia Island. The findings relate to periods between the Prehistory, Early History, the Roman period and the early Middle Ages (Lombard period). Of great interest is the mummy of Villa Mirabello, so named for its current position. According to various analyzes and operations is thought that the body goes back to 1500 - 1600 A.D. about. The extraordinary element is the fact that the mummification has taken place in completely natural conditions. The Museum is also important for the Risorgimento section that tells the story of the Battle of Varese in 1859.

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Piazza della Motta, 4
21100 Varese


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