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Museo Civico di Nepi
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Museo Civico di Nepi

Nepi, Italy


Museo Civico di Nepi

Nepi, Italy

The Civic Museum of Nepi

The Civic Museum of Nepi displays a modern and outstanding exhibition system depicting, thanks to the archaeological finds, the historic evolution of the town and its territory starting from the prehistoric era to the Renaissance.
The most important section of the civic collection, that makes the  museum unique to  the other civic museums in Lazio,  is made of the artefacts found in the Faliscan necropolis (VII-III century BC) surrounding the inhabited area.
Amongst these, the “Sante Grotte Necropoli” is the one  that gave back  the most significant archaeological finds. As a matter of fact some excavation campaigns, carried out in 2003 to 2004, brought to light some unexpectedly untouched room tombs and some pit graves for children.
Inside the room tombs were found some rich burial kits of Greek production, some objects in bronze and some personal ornaments in gold and silver.
Visitors can relive the magic of these discoveries through a fantastic video showing the most impressive phases of the excavation.
But the history of Nepi left other important evidences. Next to the extraordinary Faliscan finds, it’s possible to admire artworks such as the portrait of Emperor August and a marble coat of arms of Lucrezia Borgia.

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Museo Civico di Nepi

Via Falisca, 31
01036, Nepi

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