Archeological Museum Of Arcevia

Founded in 1996 thanks to the joint efforts of the Archaeological Superintendence for brands of the City, the Museum is housed in the restored and modernized premises, adjacent to the Cloister of St. Francis.

This property of the district museum function, bringing together material from the municipality relevant to various eras and cultural facies, from prehistory to the Roman age thresholds. There is a sampling of material from the Palaeolithic sites of Stone Bridge and Nidastore, the fortified village of eneolitico Conelle, from 'stratified settlement of Cava Giacometti from the final Neolithic arrives to' Age of Bronze, after setting of the deep sea end of the age of the Cross Monte Guardia bronze.

Highlights include ceramics and Etruscan bronzes importing the Gallic necropolis of Montefortino, precious jewelery, votive statues and sets of burial tombs. Finally they display are three stone cairns, two of which found nell'arceviese and the third near Fabriano; they bring the sculpted depiction of Ditis port (port of hell) with, on the back, a small niche in cultic-sacral destination. The museum is equipped with an explanatory-instructional apparatus which also makes use of audiovisual and multimedia means.

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Corso Mazzini , 64
60011 Arcevia


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