Parco Archeologico di Canne della Battaglia

Archaeological Area Of Canne Della Battaglia

The archaeological site of Canne is linked to the memory of the historic battle of the Second Punic War which saw the immense defeat of the Roman army by the Carthaginian forces under the command of General Hannibal Barca. The view of the battle plain where the clash between the two great powers, Rome and Carthage took place, is among the major attractions. The area was occupied from the fifth millennium BC. C. until the thirteenth century. Today the fortified fortress, built on a hill overlooking the Ofanto valley, preserves the medieval vestiges. On the adjacent hills, the Daunian settlement was brought to light, with important Greek-type buildings built by groups belonging to aristocratic families, the sepulcher from the V-III century. to. C., an early Christian basilica and the medieval burial ground. In the Antiquarium the exhibition itinerary allows you to retrace the historical evolution of the site, with the long settlement history that winds from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages narrated with finds, texts and citations from numerous historical sources, with the interactive touch-screens with which you can explore the archaeological area thanks to the videos made by drone and get detailed information on the historical sources, the composition of the Roman army, the phases of the clash between armies.


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SP142 (Parco Archeologico Canne della Battaglia)
70051 Barletta


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