The Upper Room of All Saints is located in the historic center of Florence. The refectory of the Convent of All Saints is famous for the large fresco painted in 1488 by Domenico Ghirlandaio. The environment, typical refectory also preserves, as well as the Last Supper and his sinopia, ancient basins and the portal, dated 1488 and an Annunciation of the early years of the fifteenth century. In the adjacent church are two other fine works by Domenico Ghirlandaio: St. Jerome in 1480 and a youthful Madonna of Mercy with the Deposition of Christ, the Vespucci family. You enter the dining hall through the cloister, frescoes of the Life of St Francis, since 1600, by Florentine painters such as Jacopo Ligozzi and Giovanni da San Giovanni. Other works in the portal of the room and twin sinks in the original 1480 sandstone The niches contain two seventeenth-century frescoes of Giuseppe Romei with depictions of "Sara at Jacob's well, and Moses who makes water flow from the rock."

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Via Borgo Ognissanti, 42
50123 Firenze


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