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How many Ulysses! And how many Odysseys! The protagonist of the Odyssey is the oldest and most modern character in western literature. He casts a long shadow on the imagination of man, at all times. Art has constantly expressed and reinterpreted the myth. Telling about Ulysses meant telling about yourself, from every bank of time and telling it using your own symbolic alphabets, your own artistic form, attributing to it the meaning of the historical moment and your own value system.

From the Odyssey to Dante's Comedy, from Tennyson to Joyce and throughout the twentieth century, Ulysses is the hero of human experience, endurance, intelligence, speech, knowledge, survival and deception . He is the man of many tricks and of many forms.

After the Trojan War, when he faces his adventures on the journey of the long return, he is already a famous person. But that journey is also the arduous reconquest of oneself, of one's identity, through the narrative recovery of his story at the Alcinoo court, through the memory of the return. Just as happens to art, which narrates by narrating itself, which tells the object and its stylistic form.


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Piazza Guido da Montefeltro, 12
47121 Forlì


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