Museo Archeologico Nazionale dell'Alta Val d'Agri

The Museum

The museum, through the archaeological documentation, forms of population and history of the cityà Roman Grumentum and of’ entire area of ​​’ High Agri Valley. The first section, dedicated to the prehistory, presents the remains of Elephas antiquus and equine animals, certificates about 120,000 years ago in the territory of Grumento then characterized by a large basin lacustre.Sono particularly representative for the < strong> classical period and Hellenistic, the funerary objects found in the countryside of Montemurro relevant to the occupation of the territory of Lucania (IV century a. C.), that returned ceramics red figures, weapons and reinforcement elements, furniture for banquets, vessels from cosmetics and ornaments which attest the presence of aé aristocratic lite. In the sphere of the sacred recall the votive offerings (mostly terracotta statues) found in a rural sanctuary of the third century BC located on the outskirts of the cityà and dedicated to a deityà female. The museum tour ends with the presentation of significant materials found in the cityà Roman Grumentum, founded in the third century BC following the Roman conquest of the territory.


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Contrada Spineta
85050 Grumento Nova


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