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closed Oscar Sorgato. Tenera è la luce.

Curated by: Stefano Sbarbaro, Cristina Stefani

The show

The artist is a witness to that delicate passage that leads to the overcoming of the great plastic canons of the Italian twentieth century in favor of a renewed pictorial approach, characterized by a tenuous and loose brushstroke from the Neo-Impressionist matrix that is organized in the movement of Clarity within the figure by the critic Edoardo Persico.

On the occasion of the Festivalfilosofia 2019 dedicated to the "person" theme, the Civic Museums of Modena and the Koelliker Collection of Milan promote the exhibition "Oscar Sorgato. Tender is light. A protagonist of Clarity".

The production of Sorgato is focused on two fundamental themes, landscape painting and portraiture, returned for the second a social cross-section of the complex Twenties season and the investigation into the aspirations, fragility and disturbances of the Milanese bourgeoisie of the time, with particular attention to the condition of women which favors their connection with the "person" theme addressed by the Festival philosophy.

An atmosphere that will be evoked in the exhibition also by the sound stories composed for the occasion by the writers Andrea Vitali and Roberto Barbolini who, inspired by some portraits, will project some of the figures painted by Sorgato into the dimension of literary fiction, thus awakening them from their immobility, to become characters and performers of their stories.

The exhibition itinerary, introduced by a video on the figure of the artist, unfolds along the main stages that mark the stylistic user of his language, from belonging to a family of important photographers entrepreneurs, to the beginning of Modena order of the Institute of Art "A. Venturi", to the experiences conducted in Rome and Pavia, up to the passage of the artist in Milan marked by growing public and critical acclaim recorded during important exhibitions in Padua (1931), at the Lombard Trade Union of Milan (1932, 1933, 1935), at the Permanente in Milan (1942, posthumous exhibition) at the Rome Quadriennale (1931, 1935, 1939) and at the Venice Biennale (1936, 1940).

The exhibition catalog, published by Silvana Editoriale, contains a presentation by Elena Pontiggia, the curators' essays and the stories inspired by some works by Oscar Sorgato signed by the writers Andrea Vitali and Roberto Barbolini.

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Largo Porta Sant'Agostino, 337
41121 Modena


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