Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte

Current exhibitions

Raphael at Capodimonte Museum
Napoli Napoli Napoli
Diego Cibelli
Paolo La Motta

Past exhibitions

date_range Calatrava


Ended on 25 July 2021

date_range Sensitive meeting

Sensitive meeting

Ended on 10 January 2021

date_range Luca Giordano

Luca Giordano

Ended on 10 January 2021

date_range Gemito


Ended on 15 October 2020

date_range Yeesookyung.


Ended on 13 January 2020

date_range Canova.


Ended on 30 September 2019

date_range Depositi di Capodimonte.

Depositi di Capodimonte.

Ended on 30 September 2019

date_range Jan Fabre. Oro Rosso

Jan Fabre. Oro Rosso

Ended on 15 September 2019

date_range Caravaggio Napoli

Caravaggio Napoli

Ended on 14 July 2019

date_range Sensitive meetings: Paolo La Motta looks at Capodimonte
date_range Carta Bianca. Capodimonte Imaginaire.
date_range Good morning ceramics 2018.

Good morning ceramics 2018.

Ended on 20 May 2018

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