closed Giovanni Gastel.

Curated by: Umberto Frigerio e Simona Antonacci

The show

Rome, August 2020. An unprecedented, enveloping gallery with over 200 portraits. A labyrinth of faces, poses, dreams of characters from the world of culture, design, art, fashion, music, entertainment, politics. A collective portrait of souls, encountered during a forty-year career.

It is the GIOVANNI GASTEL exhibition. The people I like curated by Uberto Frigerio with installation by Studio Lissoni, premiered in the Extra MAXXI Space from 15 September to 24 November 2020.


The title of the exhibition, The people I like, is already a declaration of intent: the master photographer reveals himself in his most intimate authenticity and consecrates the "portrait" of an artistic work of excellence. Like humanistic culture, Gastel restores value to man and dignity to the autonomous subject and, through the more than 200 portraits on display, documents an important part of his work as an artist in over forty years of activity. Models, actresses, artists, industry professionals, VIPs, singers, musicians, politicians, journalists, designers, cooks are part of the kaleidoscope of photographs exhibited without a precise order, or belonging to a specific sector or category.


As Gastel himself says: "The people I like tells about my world, the people who have passed on something to me, taught, touched their soul ... and for me this does not depend on their origin, social background, group of belonging or other. The soul is something unique, independent and, as such, does not follow any predefined pattern, like the heart ".


Works on display

Timetable and tickets


Via Guido Reni, 4a
00196 Roma


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